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Correct name of the city is BENDER[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Here is the law in the language of the state (Romanian language) from government site with the name of the city BENDER. There cannot be discussion against official law of the county which confirms long-established name. -- šis nepasirašytas komentaras buvo paliktas naudotojo (aptarimasindėlis) 04:19, 2008 lapkričio 9 (EET)

Wrong. The name Tighina is also official. See the denomination on this oficial site. --Olahus 15:55, 27 novembrī, 2008 (UTC)
You're wrong and you know it as you've participated in similar discussion on English Wiki.
What you mentioned here is a MISTAKE of the author Ion Chirtoaga. You can find such mistakes on other web sites called to be official but "Tighina" is NOT an official name of the city. It cannot be so because the unique name "Bender" is mentioned in the official law of territorial organization of the Republic of Moldova. You will never find "Tighina" in any other official document regarding the city. For example 1 2 3 --Владимир А. 09:56, 2008 lapkričio 29 (EET)

Actually, neither "Bender" nor "Tighina" is acceptable, because it's Lithuanian Wikipedia - not English, nor Romanian - meaning that the names have to conform to the rules of Lithuanian language. So the acceptable forms are only "Tigina" and "Benderai". Both are mentioned in the article, both are bolded - just as it should be. The names of the same cities, towns and villages can differ in different languages - for example, what is Warszawa in Polish is Varšuva in Lithuanian, what is Białystok in Polish is Balstogė in Lithuanian, what is Kaunas in Lithuanian is Kowno in Polish, what is Vilnius in Lithuanian is Wilno in Polish... There is nothing wrong with that. And a link to some document that is not written in Lithuanian (not even in Latvian) does not help here. If you want to decide what an official name of the city is in Lithuanian, get a decision of the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language. --Martynas Patasius 14:16, 2008 lapkričio 29 (EET)

I agree with you regarding Warszawa/Varšuva, Vilnius/Wilno. You're right. BUT, the point is that moldavian word Tighina is Tigina in Lithuanian, Bender(y) is Benderai. So in your case it would be Tighina/Tigina, Bender(y)/Benderai. The chose is Tigina or Benderai in Lithuanian. Within the last 470 (four hundred and seventy) years the city was called Tighina only for 25 years (1918-1940, 1941-1944) and it has been called Bender(y) for the rest 445 years. I don't think that the city is so popular in Lithuanian language as Varšuva or Kaunas so the antique name of Tighina/Tigina must be chosen instead of official and most used one of Bender(y)/Benderai
Yes, most Soviet times sources in Lithuanian gives just Benderai. If the city wasn't officialy renamed since these times, we should use name "Benderai". * Hugo ¿díme? 01:10, 2008 lapkričio 30 (EET)
No the city was NOT officialy renamed since these times. You can check the links above. Here is an official document of territorial organization of republic of Moldova with the name of the city Bender. I hope you can read Russian as there is a link to the Russian version of the law.

Thanks a lot for renaming the article! I appreciate this.

Bendery is not situated on the Bic riverside, only Dnestr.[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Bendery is not situated on the Bic riverside, only Dnestr.