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(→‎Bibliografija: Pataisyti bibliografinę nuorodą)
== Bibliografija ==
* Orosius, Paulus, King of England, Alfred, translator Bosworth, J. and editor Hampson, R.T. (1859). King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version of the Compendious history of the world by Orosius. Containing,--facsimile specimens of the Lauderdale and Cotton mss., a preface describing these mss., etc., an introduction--on Orosius and his work; the Anglo-Saxon text; notes and various readings; a literal English translation, with notes; Mr. Hampson's Essay on King Alfred's geography, and a map of Europe, Asia, and Africa, according to Orosius and Alfred.[online] Available at: [Tikrinta gegužės 20, 2018]. (Vulfstano tekstas apie aisčius originalo kalba, - 22p.)]
* Jesch, J. (2018). Who was Wulfstan?. [online] Available at: [Tikrinta gegužės 20, 2018].
* Englert, A. and Trakadas, A. (2009). Wulfstan's Voyage: The Baltic Sea Region in the early Viking Age as seen from shipboard (Maritime Culture of the North). Roskilde: The Viking Ship Museum. {{ISBN|978-8785180568}}
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