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Egzistuoja įvairios skinų „rūšys“ ir nesu tikras, ar jos visos propaguoja rasizmą.

Prie šalių irgi reikėtų nuorodų dėl paties fakto. --Nomad 12:44, 2008 liepos 15 (EEST)

Black Lives Matter Logo in different languages[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Please help to translate the Black Lives Matter Logo for this wikipedia (:lt:wiki): File:Black Lives Matter logo.svg
Translate the text BLACK LIVES MATTER from english to the language of this wikipedia: Lietuvių

  • The translation must be divided into three lines
  • The translation must be given in the following format: (LINE1)(LINE2)(LINE3)
  • Give numbers in brackets for number of line
  • The translation must be in capital letters
  • It is no problem if a line consits of more than one word
  • The expression LIVES:
    • The expression LIVES appears in yellow letters over black background, this expression must be marked in bold
    • Depending on the language, the expression LIVES is in line1, line2 or line3
      • (LINE1)(LINE2)(LINE3)
      • (LINE1)(LINE2)(LINE3)
      • (LINE1)(LINE2)(LINE3)
  • English: (1 BLACK)(2 LIVES)(3 MATTER)
  • German: (1 SCHWARZE)(2 LEBEN)(3 ZÄHLEN)

Please give a translation as described. Then I will create a new logo corresponding to your input and make it available. I will not change the orginal file.
To get further information see: en:Black Lives Matter
Thank you --Mrmw (aptarimas) 23:03, 7 birželio 2020 (EEST)[atsakyti]

i canceled this request as there are to many difficultis and missunderstandings in translation in other languages - i wont create logos
thanks for your help
orginal request
--Mrmw (aptarimas) 21:18, 8 birželio 2020 (EEST)[atsakyti]