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Please see comments at Naudotojo aptarimas:Nestea regarding Džonatanas Hilas, Eurokomisaras.

Many thanks M Mabelina (aptarimas) 22:09, 22 lapkričio 2015 (EET)

Thank you Lietuvis222 for your most helpful edits about Jonathan Hill which have improved and corrected the language immensely. Although the information provided at present remains just an outline biography, I trust Lord Hill is of interest to Lithuanian readers since he is currently an EU Commissioner (until 2019).
I believe this article is appropriate for inclusion on Lithuanian Wiki because articles about Catherine Ashton and Neil Kinnock (former British EU Commissioners), as well as Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Vytenis Andriukaitis etc (current EU Commissioners) are included.
I am most appreciative of your assistance and am sure that the article will be improved in due course. Should I be able to help Lithuanian contributors in English, French or Spanish please do advise. Thanking you again for your continued co-operation.
Best wishes M Mabelina (aptarimas) 21:39, 23 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
Unfortunately, the edits of Lietuvis222 did not improve the article at all whatsoever, and the article is still to be deleted. --Nestea (aptarimas) 22:25, 23 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
Nestea - in the spirit of co-operation upon which Wikipedia is founded, please could you advise why this article is not admissible? I am perplexed by this (& perhaps uk.mfa.lt might be needed to intervene?). Many thanks M Mabelina (aptarimas) 23:39, 23 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
NB. Wiki is not a private fiefdom but a useful public encyclopedia.
Simply because it has many grammar errors. You could entrust a translator with a good knowledge of Lithuanian with the translation of the English version of this article, or ask any other user than Lietuvis222 in LT wiki for the help. --Nestea (aptarimas) 12:00, 24 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
"in the spirit of co-operation upon which Wikipedia is founded, please could you advise why this article is not admissible? I am perplexed by this" - Well, it's all rather plain and simple... You don't know Lithuanian at all, right? Seriously, I'm perplexed that you're perplexed. How could you expect to write an acceptable article, without having any grasp of the Lithuanian language?
Cquote2.png Don't try to write articles in Lithuanian if you do not know Lithuanian. Just don't. You won't get a good result.

Martynas Patasius

--Homo ergaster 14:39, 25 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
Hello Homo & co. I am disappointed by the attitude of Lithuanian Wiki because to say I don't know Lithuanian at all is nonsense. How else did I manage to create the article about the Order of the British Empire? Regarding Jonathan Hill, would it have been so difficult for Lithuanian contributors to have co-operated by amending any mistakes in that article? which was based on other articles (so presumably there are many mistakes on your pages).. Furthermore Lord Hill has entries in almost all other European languages so one would have thought Lithuanian Wiki would be delighted to have an entry about him in Lithuanian. I shall contact the Lithuanian Embassy in London to resolve the matter - although you might see fit to restore the Jonathan Hill article beforehand. M Mabelina (aptarimas) 21:16, 25 lapkričio 2015 (EET)
Maybe you do know some of Lithuanian, but it clearly is not enough to write a good article. Speaking of the article about the Order of the British Empire, I'd say an article of two sentences isn't much of an article, thus it's no wonder that you managed to write it, say, using some examples, althouth there still were some grammar errors. E.g., nationalities in Lithuanian are written in lower-case; then there was a wrong use of grammatical case in writing king George V's name, etc. Among other things, you should bear in mind that Lithuanian language has grammatical genders. Therefore, you should understand that taking fragments from articles about other EU Commissioners (e.g. Catherine Ashton) won't do good. --Nestea (aptarimas) 15:39, 29 lapkričio 2015 (EET)

Meantime, please see the text about Jonathan Hill (for correction):