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Aš turiu pataisyti klaida aukščiau.

Do you speak Lithuanian? --Nomad 00:06, 30 rugpjūčio 2011 (EEST)
No, I speak Catalan, but you speak Lithuanian and could help to improve it, so this article is based on the policies of wikipedia in your language, and then leave the article ready!!!! I would be very grateful
Well then, please write your articles in Wikipedia(s) for language(s) you do speak, thank you very much! --Nomad 01:07, 30 rugpjūčio 2011 (EEST)
An unwise decision, it was only a matter of improving the article, but instead it deleted, contributes little to wikipedia in your language such decision bye.
You are right on that incoherent mess written by people who do not speak Lithuanian contributes little to this Wikipedia. So thank you for your efforts but please don't waste nobodies time and write articles in a way so that they won't need complete rewriting from scratch. That is, write them in a language you do speak. Thank you for your understanding and good bye. --Nomad 01:27, 30 rugpjūčio 2011 (EEST)
Only you just deleted instead of taking the time to improve the article, under the pretext of being written by a Catalan or anywhere else ... I do not know if someday you understand, good bye.
I am not your personal secretary so I am not supposed to take my time to rewrite your crap from scratch. If you cannot understand it, I cannot help. --Nomad 01:48, 30 rugpjūčio 2011 (EEST)
you only respond with insults and hysterical, definitely you do not understand. no more words. bye bye.
Normally, it takes only a simple common sense to understand why it's not a good idea to write articles in a language one doesn't speak. For those lacking it, I explained the reasons as good as I was able to. Now you're accusing me of hysteria and insults. It's rather silly and uncalled for. You said good bye like three times and still unable to really leave, trolling here instead. I think you just might need some help with leaving. Rest assured you will get it, in a case trolling continues. --Nomad 05:48, 30 rugpjūčio 2011 (EEST)
Let us answer both immature and, well, I sent an improved version that does not fail in structure and incurs no misuse of language, of course, this can be filled with biographical details, etc., but that's ok, greetings .... I explain better on your talk page. bye greetings