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Hello! Sorry don´t speak Lithuanian very much but regarding: Reoccupation by Soviet Forces 1944 on the Lithuanian page 7 Spalio (=7 October) is mentioned as the date Soviet Forces entered the city of Raseiniai however the English, states 9th of August!!! Which is correct? Or was it occupied on 9th August by Soviet Forces and afterwards reconquered by German Forces (date?) and finally freed of German Occupation on 7th October 1944?

The date of 7th October 1944 would also fit to the date the city of Kelme was (finally) relieved from Nazi Occupation which was for Kelme the 6th of Octobre 1944. Peter A. Brenner

Thank you, I added a "citation needed" request next to the date. The date provided in English wikipedia is also unsourced so hard to tell which one is correct. --Nomad (aptarimas) 12:15, 28 liepos 2015 (EEST)Reply[atsakyti]