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In addition, many people—both male and female—have experienced orgasms during sleep, sometimes referred to as nocturnal orgasms or nocturnal emissions. Although Kinsey's research suggested that nocturnal orgasms were far more common among men than women, it is possible that this sex difference is not quite as large as it seems due to the fact that female orgasms tend to produce less physical “evidence” than male orgasms.--The psychology of human sexuality

Nocturnal emissions (“wet dreams”) begin in pubescent males. These emissions tend to occur during sleep or right after waking up.--Human reproductive biology

Reiškinys kaip naktinis nevalingas orgazmas būdingas abejoms lytims. Kita vertus kitoje knygoje minimas tik pauglių berniukų kontekste.--Vaidila (aptarimas) 00:20, 20 spalio 2022 (EEST)Reply[atsakyti]