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Kėdainiai[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Hello. How I see, an article Kėdainiai is featured, but is no informations about battle of Kėdainiai (1831). Maurycy Prozoras successful defended a town and defeated Russian forces, but after he retread. I wrote be-x-old:Бітва пад Кейданамі, there is Polish sources. Bocianski 16:57, 2009 liepos 5 (EEST)

Thank you for information, I translated article from Belarusian Kėdainių mūšis. Only I couldn't find what does it mean касынэраў. Could you translate it? Hugo.arg 17:20, 2009 liepos 5 (EEST)
pl:Kosynierzy; in English: Scythemen - people who fight with use a scythe. Typical imagination of Polish scytheman in 1794 uprising. See also Emila Plater conducting Polish scythemen in 1831]. Greetings, Bocianski 21:23, 2009 liepos 5 (EEST)