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Improvement of the article[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Excuse me for writing in English, but I'm not speaking Lithuanian. Searching the Wikipedia articles on the PANArt Hang I found this article and translated it with the Google translator. There are two improvements I want to contribute:

The statement, that the Hang sounds like a marimba is inadequate. I think everybody who knows especially the second generation of Hanghang and the Integral Hang will agree. Therefor I deleted this sentence.

In the section "Nuorodos" there is only an external link to the "E-Hang". This sample of a Hang doesn't reproduce the sound of a Hang in a realistic way and is not able to be a reference. Therefor I deleted it. As far as I know, no references on the Hang in Lithuanian language exist. To add any references to the article it will be necessary to link to sources in other languages. I think English is the best. I linked an original source by PANArt, the Hang Booklet published 2008 and the most comprehensive internet directory about the Hang, provided by the Hangblog. Both references will provide the readers a deeper research on the Hang. -- 13:23, 21 spalio 2009 (EEST)[atsakyti]