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Gutovai - in the 20. of the XIX c. the village belonged to Gustaw Myszkowski and after his death in 1828 it was inherited by his wife, Maria Gabriella, maiden name Referowska, and his son. In 1829 Maria Myszkowska married Aleksander Gutt, a young lawyer at Suwalki civil court, the son of Jerzy Gutt from Vilnius, a well known chemist. The marriage had five children. After the death of Maria in 1846 and Aleksander in 1862, Akuociai was owned by their eldest son Zygmunt Gutt, a poet, musician, author of political pamphlets, who died in 1882. The monument in the old cemetary in Akuociai commemorates Alexander (the father), Alexander Jozef and Zygmunt (his two older sons). Two brothers of Alexander Gutt are also mentioned - Ferdinand, a medical doctor who died in Zurich in 1872, the brother in law of Towianski (the leader of a christian messianic sect), and Edward, who served with the russian mission in Teheran 1832-1842 taking part in the siege of Herat (Afganistan) and in the Big Game between Russia and England. The monument was erected in 1894 probably by Alexander's youngest son Jerzy Edward Gutt and daughters - Maria Lewicka and Stefania Kuczynska.

Alexander's great-great-Grandson, Tomasz Gutt