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here] it says Dovilė Aukštuolienė. Is it the same person than former Dovilė (may be name chabnged after marriage)?- Melilac (aptarimas) 18:17, 28 rugpjūčio 2017 (EEST)

Don't worry, just phone her or somebody else in the office and ask, is it a problem for you? --Vilensija (aptarimas) 18:31, 28 rugpjūčio 2017 (EEST)
Just that if she is not the same person, I can replace the name, but if she is, I really can't make the correction myself as I do not know how your wiki handles such cases. - Melilac (aptarimas) 20:12, 28 rugpjūčio 2017 (EEST)