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Aptarimas:Abchazijos TSR

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Map Soviet caucasus1922.png

[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Some anonymous user put the map in a several articles in several languges. The map contains Ossetians in Trialeti alongside with SSR Abkhazia and South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast. The last were Republics with official borders. Ossetian in Trialti is only ethnic claim. It is clear misleading. I remove once the map but he keep doing it again. I advice to remove the map and to put protect on the articles hes been harassed. Geagea 04:31, 24 kovo 2010 (EET)[atsakyti]

There is an explanation in legend of map that Trialetian Ossetia is just a claim of South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (but not the part of territory). --rencas 06:19, 24 kovo 2010 (EET)[atsakyti]
The only one source to this map is Russian. There are not other official sources. Geagea 23:47, 25 kovo 2010 (EET)[atsakyti]