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Dalyviai?[redaguoti vikitekstą]

I would like to know what was the source for the list of the qualified teams. I haven't found it anywhere else but here. Greetings from Serbia.-- 18:09, 4 lapkričio 2009 (EET)

Lithuania is Host team and other teams are top 7 from EuroBasket 2009.--Petriukas 18:45, 4 lapkričio 2009 (EET)

I understand that, but where did you find that the 7 best placed teams from the Eurobasket 2009 are directly qualified for the Eurobasket 2011? In that case, Turkey will have a busy summer next year, playing at the Eurobasket qualifications and the World championships at the same time, while Russia wouldn't be playing anywhere. I am not sure, but I doubt it will happen...-- 16:33, 8 lapkričio 2009 (EET)
I also have doubts, therefore I have marked to provide the source. If source will not be provided, countries will be removed. Pateikite šaltinį, nes abejoju ar tikrai patenka į EČ 2011 iškart po EČ 2009. --Atlantas 16:48, 8 lapkričio 2009 (EET)
Kiek iš kitų straipsnių eina suprasti tai patenka. Pažiurėkite čia lt ir čia en.--Petriukas 16:56, 8 lapkričio 2009 (EET)
Well, the fact it was the case last two times hardly makes it a rule... Especially since both times these 7 teams were also qualified for the World Championships or Olympic Games (at least Olympic qualifying tournament), which is not the case this time... I think there is no source for this...-- 15:12, 15 lapkričio 2009 (EET)
Tai, kad ankstesniais metais buvo tokia tvarką, nereiškia, kad garantuotai ir šiais taip bus ... --Atlantas 15:35, 15 lapkričio 2009 (EET)