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This template creates a single succession box center column to be used with succession boxes for the function of listing titles.[reikalingas vertimas]

Panaudojimas[redaguoti vikitekstą]

The format is {{s-ttl|title=enter title here|years=enter years title was held here|parameter=}}, where parameter= can be used optionally for any of the additional parameters listed in the following table.

district — For use with parliamentary offices. Insert as a wikilink the district represented during the tenure in office.
regent1 (or regent 2, or regent 3) AND years1 (or years2, or years3) — These parameters can be used when an office is held in tandem with another person. Examples of this include co-rulers of a country or region and regencies. It does not include consorts or sub-positions such as vice presidencies. The "years" parameter should only contain years, not days or months, but all other guidelines rules apply.
alongside — This parameter is reserved for political positions where two people share power, such as US senators.
lords — Designates that the person was a member of the House of Lords. The parameter is asking for the dates they served in the house.
creation — Adds a sub-line beneath the title that allows for a "creation" number for certain noble titles (such as the Dukes of Cornwall).
dynasty — Adds a sub-line beneath the title that allows for a "dynasty" number for certain royal dynastic lines (such as the Pharaohs of Egypt).

This template allows for multiple row-spans using the parameter |rows=| between the template name and the first parameter.

Example[redaguoti vikitekstą]

From the Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall article:

{{s-reg | en}}
{{s-new | creation}}
{{s-ttl | title=[[Earl of Cornwall]]
| creation=7th creation
| years=4 March 1857 – 21 January 1861}}
{{s-aft | after=[[Edmund, 2nd Earl of Cornwall|Edmund]]}}
Peerage of England
Naujai sukurtas Earl of Cornwall
7th creation
4 March 1857 – 21 January 1861
Po to:

From the Jefferson Davis article:

{{s-par | us-sen}}
{{s-bef | before=[[Stephen Adams]]}}
{{s-ttl | title=[[List of United States Senators from Mississippi|Senator from Mississippi (Class 1)]]
| years=March 4, 1857 – January 21, 1861
| alongside=[[Albert G. Brown]]}}
{{s-aft|after=[[Adalbert Ames]]}}
United States Senate
Prieš tai:
Stephen Adams
Senator from Mississippi (Class 1)
March 4, 1857 – January 21, 1861
Kartu su: Albert G. Brown
Po to:
Adalbert Ames

Nuorodos[redaguoti vikitekstą]

Documentation for creating succession boxes can be found at Template:S-start/doc.