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Key definitions[redaguoti vikitekstą]

  • logo: image of logo
  • name: name of brand
  • image: image of brand in use
  • type: category of products sold under this brand
  • currentowner: name of entity that currently owns the brand
  • origin: Country of origin
  • introduced: date brand was first used
  • discontinued: date brand was retired
  • related: Related brands, other brands that are used with the same products by the same manufacturer ie Chrysler and Dodge
  • markets: markets in which this brand is used(usually country, sometimes just regions of countries ie North East, Intermountain west, etc)
  • previousowners: previous entities that owned this brand
  • trademarkregistrations: countries and dates where the brand has been made a registered trademark
  • website: official website of the brand

Example[redaguoti vikitekstą]

{{Infobox Brand
|name=Trojan Brand Condoms
|currentowner=[[Church and Dwight]]
|markets= world
|previousowners=1920 - Youngs Drug Products<br />1985 - Carter-Wallace Inc<br />
Trojan Brand Condoms
Savininkai Church and Dwight
Kilmės šalis Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos JAV
Parduodama world
Buvę savininkai 1920 - Youngs Drug Products
1985 - Carter-Wallace Inc
Tinklalapis Trojan Brand Condoms - Oficialus tinklalapis