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!style="background: #ececec;"| MS-DOS 7.1x (Windows 95B/OSR2, 95C/OSR2.5, 98, and 98SE)
| 124.55 GB (withsu FAT32)
<ref name="msdos7">As mentioned at;EN-US;Q184006& Microsoft's KB article 184006, the limit of 124.55GB for FAT32 partition size is a primarily a limitation of Windows 95/98's 16-bit SCANDISK utility. Other DOS versions supporting FAT32 may allow a larger partition size closer to the theoretical ~8TB maximum suggested by FAT32's specifications (maximum of 268,435,445 clusters times 32 Kb cluster size). Windows 2000 and XP can mount and use a FAT32 partition larger than 32GB, but they cannot natively create one, which according to Microsoft is by design.</ref>
!style="background: #ececec;"| MS-DOS 8.0 (Windows Me)
| 124.55 GB (withsu FAT32)<ref name="msdos7"/>
| FAT12, FAT16, FAT32
| 720 kB, 1.44 MB, 2.88 MB

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