Aptarimas:Petras Skarga

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Firstable I want to say: I am not able to speak lithuanian, but I can understand the difference between words: "lietuvu" and "lenkijo". I am truly disapointed that on lithuanian Wikipedia history is falsified. Piotr Skarga was a polish preacher, which is confirmed and can't be questioned. On lithuanian Wikipedia he is added to lithuanian categiroes such a "Lietuvos rašytojai" and others. It is not acceptable. We are able to create true and free knowledge, but we can't base upon lies and false informations, because that would lead our project to dead-end. Please change the categories in this articles as soon as possible. Andrzej19 (aptarimas) 23:38, 23 balandžio 2012 (EEST)Reply[atsakyti]

Discussion like this must took place on article talk page, not here. Ta-Ntalas (aptarimas) 09:41, 24 balandžio 2012 (EEST)Reply[atsakyti]