Aptarimas:Ordino „Už nuopelnus Lietuvai“ Didysis kryžius

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maybe someone will do the connection with this wikidata:Q2704855?--Estopedist1 (aptarimas) 11:26, 11 liepos 2018 (EEST)[atsakyti]

@Estopedist1: these are different things, therefore can not be connected. „Didysis kryžius“ ("Grand Cross") is only one instance of the Order, not the Order itself. Powermelon (aptarimas) 09:16, 12 liepos 2018 (EEST)[atsakyti]
of course, but it is time to do the article Ordino „Už nuopelnus Lietuvai“ (Už nuopelnus Lietuvai) to make connection--Estopedist1 (aptarimas) 09:36, 12 liepos 2018 (EEST)[atsakyti]