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<span style="display:none;">{{{last}}}, {{{first}}}</span>[[{{{first}}} {{{last}}} ({{{dab}}})|{{{first}}} {{{last}}}]]

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{{sortname|first|last|optional link target|optional sort key}}

Creates a wikilinked name that can be used in a sortable table (created with class="wikitable sortable").

  • The default sort key is "last, first".
  • The link label is "first last".
  • The default link target is "first last"

The optional link target is useful when "first last" is a disambiguation page instead of the desired article, or when linking to a section of a page.

The optional sort key is useful in the case of special characters such as é.

Optional parameter

Suppresses wikilinking the name, useful for list entries which are never likely to have articles so shouldn't be redlinked.