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Automated taxobox help
Thanks for creating an automated taxobox. There's no taxonomy template at "Template:Taxonomy/{{{taxon}}}", so the automated taxobox system doesn't know the taxonomy (classification) of {{{taxon}}}.
  • Is "{{{taxon}}}" the scientific name of your taxon? For example, if you were editing the page "Animal", you'd need to specify |taxon=Animalia not |taxon=Animal. If it's not the expected scientific name, please correct it.
  • There are some special cases which can be more difficult to set up (e.g. disambiguated taxon names). If you're not sure how to proceed, ask for help at Wikipedia talk:Automated taxobox system.
  • Otherwise, click here to create the taxonomy template by entering the taxonomic details for "{{{taxon}}}". It's partly set up for you.
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